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About Us

We are an ambitious + dynamic business that is excited about the future of Cladding.

Our service, quality and capability is unsurpassed in South Australia.

We have invested heavily to ensure that our systems, processes and quality assurance mechanisms are fully optimised. Our ethos is that we are only as good as our last project. We pride ourselves on meticulous detail & superior finish. Consistency of quality is guaranteed for each and every project, whether that is a single home or large multi-dwelling development. 


Boutique Cladding

Innovation is at the core of our business!
We continue to find smarter methods to source, partner and deliver at a level of quality that cannot be matched anywhere else.

We believe that people do business with people! (rather than businesses). Our approach to conducting business is emphasised through shared values, mutual respect and collaborative partnerships.

Meet The Management Team

Domenic Merlino – Director

A.K.A. – The Boss

What Dom doesn’t know about Cladding, is not worth knowing! Started the business at the age of 17 and has grown to become the largest employer of Cladding Solutions in SA. His entrepreneurial mindset + unique approach to business has elevated his success. Dom values relationships, respect and integrity above all else.

Best way to describe Dom:  Unique

Mark Mandorlo – Construction Manager

A.K.A. – Meerkat

One of the hardest workers you’ll ever meet! Mark has worked in the industry for 18+ years and ran the estimating division of a multi-million dollar company prior to joining DM. Over the past 6 years in the business, he has held several roles and recently moved into a Senior PM position to reflect his knowledge + abilities.

Best way to describe Mark:  Hard-working

Felipe El Dib – Estimator

A.K.A. – The Brazilian

Felipe has worked in the construction industry his entire working life. He joined DM Cladding 12+ months ago to support the continued growth of the business across the increasing number of projects we are tendering (and winning!)

Best way to describe Felipe:  Ambitious

Debra Brewer – Snr Project Coordinator

A.K.A. – Super Woman

Debra wears a number of different hats in her day-to-day & we are often in awe of how she manages to get everything done. Debra has worked in the construction space throughout her career. She is our ‘go-to’ person when we need a problem fixed.

Best way to describe Debra:  Mrs. Fix It

Samantha Reynolds – Chief Financial Officer

A.K.A. – Happy Face

Samantha & Accounts go together like bread + butter. She is always happy… even moreso when she became “The Boss’s” sister-in-law. Samantha has worked in Accounts for most of her career. She is incredibly thorough and diligent in her approach.

Best way to describe Samantha:  OCD

Petros Nicolaidis – Sales + Office Mgr

A.K.A. – The Colonel

Petros was brought into the business to provide high level strategic guidance and direction to support DM Cladding’s continued growth. He has 20+ years experience running a national company in a General Management capacity prior to joining DM. His reputation and previous successes speak for themselves.

Best way to describe Petros:  Tough, but fair

Angela Merlino – Contracts + Admin

A.K.A. – ABC

Angela has worked across a number of different roles over the last 4+ years in the business. Her role is crucial in developing systems, managing cost-tracking and implementing process improvement initiatives. As the last-name suggests, Angela is the Boss’s sister and puts her heart + soul into everything that she does.

Best way to describe Angela:  Loyal

Henry-Xiao Yang – Estimator

A.K.A. – The Hairdresser

Henry ensures the numbers stack! He came into the business 12+ months ago to support the growth of the business. He has worked in the construction industry for his whole career. Henry is meticulous and thorough in his approach to every project.

Best way to describe Henry:  Focussed

Felipe Cardoso – Project Manager

A.K.A. – The Dribbler

Felipe lives + breathes Construction. He is the longest serving member of our management team with 9+ years under his belt. Felipe has been instrumental in DM Cladding’s growth, through his knowledge and ability to get things done.

Best way to describe Felipe:  Unstoppable

Carmela Giordano – Admin + Accounts Assistant

A.K.A. – The Mother

Carmela is the one that tells us to take a jacket before we leave the office… just in case it gets cold outside. She is a natural organiser and ensures that the “behind the scenes” admin and accounts function of DM Cladding runs like clockwork.

Best way to describe Carmela:  Caring

  The building industry isn’t only about construction, it’s about building trust, building relationships and character. From my family to yours; this is DM Cladding. 


Domenic Merlino – Director